Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Bug, A Vegetable

Without a crystal ball, it’s truly difficult to determine what a child might want a year out from any given point in time. Particularly if that child is both strong-willed and without understandable speaking skills. So, I lamented. What should a little girl be before she’s figured out she can choose for herself.

My husband offered the sage advice that she should be “either a bug or a vegetable”. Having been a pumpkin in her inaugural year, she should be a bug.

This is Miss Lola last Friday for the Halloween where she discovered what Halloween is. If you ask her what she dressed up as, she’ll tell you, “A Bumble-Bee and A Bug”

Her brother was a vegetable. Henry was destined to be the pumpkin that he’s typecast to be.

Note about Motherhood: I had already prescribed what Henry and Lola would be for Halloween this year some time before Henry was even born, coinciding with last year’s post-Holiday costume sales.


This is my Girl.
She is unpredictable and strong and smart and funny.
She loves to swing.
She loves to slide.
She loves to give us a run for our money.
She is clever and confident and I hope she always will be.